About Us

PT. IFAN MARGATAMA is a company engaged in the delivery of professional Indonesian workers abroad since 2016.

We prepare prospective workers with knowledge, discipline. and high work ethic. in the field of formal & informal to be able to compete in the professional work field.

PT. IFAN MARGATAMA is equipped with The Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Implementation Permit (SIPPTKI) which is officially issued by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia and meets the International standard of ISO 9001 quality management system.

Vision and Mission


Become leading sector of the Indonesian Migrant Worker Departure Agency in providing highly competent & quality workers.


  1. Develop as a quality Indonesian Manpower Departure Agency that is able to produce competent and professional workers and has high competitiveness in the world of work.

  2. Creating an Indonesian Employment Departure Agency that prioritizes high performance in line with the needs of the world of work.

Director’s Welcome

Best Wishes,

At the beginning since its establishment in 1995, PT. lfan Margatama focuses on sending Indonesian workers to Middle East Placement Countries. This Company is now more dynamic and has succeeded in expanding the placement of Indonesian workers to various Placement Countries such as Asia Pacific and Europe, both in the field of informal workers and formal/skilled workers.
The progress achieved by the company is inseparable from several main factors. including human resources. business processes and corporate values or culture. Human resources make an important contribution in the development of the company. Through a selective recruitment process based on talent. willingness and character and supported by continuous training, the company has competent and quality resources in their respective fields.

Business processes also play an important role in the progress of the company. With accurate and consistent mapping of business processes, it certainly produce good and systematic procedures in carrying out company operations. Moreover, in order to develop the business going forward the company also completes supporting facilities to produce the best workforce ready to work both at home and abroad.
Integrated synchronization of a II of the above factors is a step that must be taken by the company in order to be able to lay the foundation towards the company’s goal of becoming the main choice as a labor dispatch agency.
On behalf of the board of directors and the company, we would like to thank the entire extended family of PT. lfan Margatama, shareholders, principals, and partners for their contributions and support.

Main Office

Jl. Delima No. 06. Bumi Kalijaga Timur.
Kota Cirebon – Jawa Barat. Indonesia 45144.