Our Service

PT. IFAN MARGATAMA participants are trained and equipped with foreign language skills and work expertise that suit with the field of work and the addressed country, guided by instructors who are competent and experienced in their fields then perectly selected to maintain the quality of prospective Indonesian workers.

Job Placement

Formal Worker:

  • Manufacturing
  • Contraction
  • Service Sector
  • Farm & Plantations

Informal Worker:

  • Household Assistant
  • Nurse
  • Babysitter

Placement Country

Language Standarization

Prospective workers of PT. Ifan Margatama is equipped with appropriate foreign language skills With the standard language of the destination country. Participants will take the exam every 2 months to know the development of the language.

Competent Instructor

Debriefing program supported by adquate facilities and infrastructure under supervision and guidance of instructors who are competent and experienced in their fields.